virtual training


Fun Fit Wellness offers a range of one on one personalised virtual (or online) training options.

Virtual training is perfect for your busy life and fits in with your family, personal and business commitments.

Virtual training is perfect for many reasons including:

  • gets you started on your fitness and wellness journey within the comfort and privacy of your own home without fuss
  • if you are located remotely or travelling and can not access a trainer or gym
  • if you can’t find a trainer you like or understands your needs
  • you don’t actually wish to go to a trainer or gym, you prefer to do your own thing
  • can’t afford a trainer or gym membership
  • fits in with your life, you do it when you want, and as often as you wish
  • have direct personalised one on one contact with a ‘real’ qualified, registered and experienced Australian personal trainer supporting you along the way, keeping you on track to help you reach your personal goals
  • have direct contact with a personal trainer for any questions along your fitness and wellness journey
  • you choose between life or gym programs at any level
  • train indoors or outdoors it’s your choice
  • you choose the package or options you want or need
  • you choose add ons or special requests with your package
  • you can take your program with you when travelling, holidays etc or put it on hold anytime
  • you will never get bored
  •  you are in control of your fitness and wellness journey
  • there are no contracts, you jump in or out as you wish
  • a cheaper option to access professional personal training
  • perfect for a gift
  • have 7 days a week / 24 hours a day access to a range of free online resources, with new resources being continually added
  • have life access to the range of free online resources
  • receive 10% off all future Fun Fit Wellness online programs, events, and face to face training or exercise classes
  • have access to VIP information, videos and programs
  • receive additional special offers and information
  • receive additional valuable information via Fun Fit Wellness blog and social media accounts.

Everyone is different so there is a range of virtual training packages to meet everyone’s needs, goals and priorities.

See Fun Fit Wellness’s virtual training terms and conditions for more information.