Pet Wellness Tip – Walk Your Dog Somewhere New

Dogs love new walks and places!

Dogs love to explore and walk at new places!


Humans are social beings and creatures of habits. Animals are too.

However did your know your dog loves going to new places for a walk and not just walking the same route every day?

Even though we are creatures of habit, if we do the same thing over and over we get bored. Thats why we do different exercises, try new food, and go to different holiday destinations.

Dogs are the same, they also get bored doing the same thing, going on the same walk or going to the same park day after day!

This is because dogs are also social creatures. Dogs love new smells, meeting new dogs, exploring new places, and they love new adventures. New smells stimulates and excites all of their senses.

Perhaps you may remember a time when your dog got excited when you took him or her to somewhere different or to a place they loved?

Dogs get very excited going somewhere new or to a place that had stimulating memories for them, for example going for a big walk in the bush or a trip to the beach. They love the opportunity to explore, to find new smells and objects as this is their natural instinct.

Modern day dogs are descended from wild wolves. Todays domestic dogs have natural instincts that have been forged over several thousand years of living in the wild. Taking your dog to new place allows your dog to use his natural instincts and senses.

It is also positive for you to take your dog on a different walk or to a new place, as you are also getting out and about, seeing and experiencing new points of interest and places, and meeting new people.

Taking your dog on a new walk or to a new place exhausts them not only physically but mentally as well. They will reward you with better behaviour as they are happy with their senses alive.

A new adventure will make your dog tired and well-behaved when you get home! and then ready for the next journey!