Get Moving with Doggy Moves!!

New exciting exercise class for you and your pooch!

Get moving with Doggy Moves!!


If you love your four-legged friend as much as I do you will love my exciting new and unique Doggy Moves© exercise class I have developed.

Doggy Moves has been created for you and your best friend – to get you and your pooch moving with a combination of human and dog exercise moves, plus dog training.

Doggy Moves is a first in Australia, and I am thrilled to offer it here on our glorious Sunshine Coast.

I am a qualified and register personal trainer and I previously owned a pet business in Brisbane. I have been involved in dog obedience, training and competitions for over seven years with my beloved border collie.

Being a border collie and living in Brisbane my dog needed mental exercise as well as physical exercise. We went to dog school initially for dog obedience training when she was a puppy. We made many great human and dog friends and took our training over seven years to an advance level in agility, fly ball, competitions, and expos at schools, pet expo and shopping centres – our group was even approached by Movie World! We both loved it.

My beautiful girl has since retired and is living her senior years quietly with her fellow fury friends. I have been brewing away with my Doggy Moves idea for some years now – as I had always planned to do my personal training qualification – passionate about living an active and healthy lifestyle – after a career change from being a corporate business and marketing professional.

My dog and I use to do a lot of other exercise together over the years – walking, horse riding, swimming and cycling, which my dog loved. However I use to hate leaving her at home when I would go off to the gym. I thought how can I do an exercise class where I can take my dog too – and Doggy Moves was born!

I have taken my expertise from both my personal training and dog obedience training and have developed a completely unique program for dog owners, who wish to exercise with their best friend.

Doggy Moves has been created to be fun, social, with a special exercise program for you and your dog, plus with the added benefit of dog obedience training all combined in one class! Each Doggy Moves class is different to ensure you and your pooch don’t get bored.

In addition, Doggy Moves has been designed not only to get you fit, but to get your dog fit as well. People are not the only ones who have become overweight, but people’s dogs have too.

Australia has one of the largest dog ownership in the world. We love and pamper our pooches – however sometimes with a bit too much food, with the wrong foods, and a lack of exercise due to everyone being so busy these days. This class enables you to do your exercise, ensures your dog gets his/her exercise as well, plus with the added benefit of dog obedience training all at the same time, making it more cost and time effective!

Doggy Moves classes are run outside, has a limit of 15 dogs and owners per class (one dog per owner), each class runs for an hour and classes are currently being offered at Mooloolah, Landsborough, Beerwah, Caloundra, Mooloolaba/Marchydore, and Kawana/Point Cartwright.

Doggy Moves also has a weekly adventure walking class for owners and their dogs for a different challenge and change of scenery.

Doggy Moves classes welcome all breads and ages of dogs. As Fun Fit Wellness is passionate about dog wellness as much as human wellness, I just request dogs to be up to date with their vaccinations, worming and tick control, and need to be friendly with other dogs. Doggy Moves classes also abide by the local council’s dog rules.

Fun Fit Wellness also offers a range of human exercise and wellness services including: fun outdoor exercise classes, women’s fitness, senior’s classes, personal training, and will shortly be offering fun outdoor menopause exercise classes.

Please see Doggy Moves for more information or to book your class today!

© Doggy Moves copyright by Hillary Smith, Fun Fit Wellness 2014.