group classes

Fun Fit Wellness specialises in fun outdoor group exercise classes – why? because it is fun, we live on the glorious Sunshine Coast so lets enjoy it! Humans are social beings, exercising with others help keep you motivated, fresh air is so much better for you when exercising, and it beats being inside!!

Group exercise classes are also very cost effective for you! So perfect if you are starting out on your fitness and wellness journey or on a budget but wish to get moving!

As Fun Fit Wellness offers a range of classes with different intensity levels, they are also an excellent and enjoyable way to get fit or take your fitness to the next level!

Group exercise classes are different every time to help keep you motivated and challenged while training different muscles.

Classes are held early mornings, during the day, and late afternoons in different locations around the Sunshine Coast including parks, beaches, reserves and national parks.


  • beginners classes – haven’t done a class before or haven’t exercised before, this is a great class to start with and then you can progress as you feel comfortable
  • low to moderate intensity classes – get moving, loose weight and tone up with a combination of strength training and cardio
  • high intensity classes – keen for the next level of fitness, really get your heart rate up with these classes.
  • Doggy Moves
  • fun adventures
  • walking + exercise classes – walking at a good pace combined with exercise move
  • walking challenge classes – weekly walking challenge for example hike up Mount Coolum etc
  • women’s fitness.


Save and buy a 5 or 10 pack!

Please see the class timetable, if there is a class you would like to attend however does not currently work in your schedule please contact us as things change and we are also very accommodating!

Class notes

  • Classes can be purchased individually or save and buy class packs, where classes get cheaper the more you buy!
  • Class packs are available in 5 packs or 10 packs.
  • Class packs can be used for any of the above classes, therefore you have the option to try a new class or mix up your week!
  • Class packs are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.
  • Class packs are a great gift idea.
  • Classes are run rain, hail or shine to ensure you stay on track – Fun Fit Wellness has wet weather options and venues.
  • Please read exercise information for important health information and terms and conditions before you commence any class.