exercise information and terms and conditions

your health

  • at Fun Fit Wellness we take your fitness goals and health seriously, so we just need to know a little bit about yourself before you participate in any of our classes or personal training. Please fill in and return the quick Your Health form and the Waiver form.
  • any previous or current injuries, health conditions or diseases are required to be disclosed to ensure we work with your medical health professionals as required.
  • as Fun Fit Wellness is a fully insured and professional business, we do require you to please fill in this two quick forms and email them back to us or bring them along to your first class.
  • Fun Fit Wellness abides by Australian privacy laws and does not use or sell your personal information in any way. Your information is completely confidential and is ONLY used for Fun Fit Wellness purposes, please see Fun Fit Wellness’s privacy policy for further information.


  • if you have not filled in and supplied the Your Health form and Waiver form, you are not able to participate in any exercise class or personal training, this is due to insurance purposes.
  • if you haven’t filled in these forms yet, just ask the trainer for the forms when you go to your first class.
  • please see Fun Fit Wellness’s privacy policy for information about your personal information.

class packs

  • class packs a great way to save you money!
  • class packs are available in 5 packs and 10 packs. Class packs are available for all class and can be used for all classes.
    • individual classes – $20 each
    • class 5 pack – $85 / $17 each
    • class 10 pack – $150 / $15 each
  • they can be bought prior to your first class or at your first class (please bring correct change if purchasing at the class, sorry do not currently have a portable eftpos machine). Payment is accepted via cash, bank deposit, paypal via the shop.
  • an exercise pack card will be provided to you at your first class. This card must be presented at the beginning of each class for sign off by your trainer. These great saving class packs can be used for any of the classes and for any week!
  • class packs are valid for 6 months from date of purchase, and are non refundable. Class packs are a great gift idea, buy a class pack as a gift for a family member or friend any time of the year!
  • personalised personal training packs are also available, please contact for further information.

measure your success

  • Fun Fit Wellness offers free postural screening and body measurements prior to your fitness and wellness journey to track your goals. This is not compulsory however it is a great way to see how far you have come! Call to arrange your appointment – block sessions will be held for new classes and groups of new clients.
  • photos and videos
  • Fun Fit Wellness takes photos and videos of their classes and participants, and uses the photos for a range of promotional activities. Fun Fit Wellness has a photo/video release form for clients to sign to ensure we have your permission. If you do not wish to be in any photos please ensure you let the trainer know prior to the class or personal training session.

our commitment

  • we will be open and honest with you at all times
  • we will ensure confidentiality
  • we will ensure exercise programming is clearly explained
  • we will ensure to provide professional advice and support to push you to raise the bar and continue to improve your health and fitness journey
  • we will be professional and respectful equally to all
  • we will guarantee our effort and dedication to be of the highest standard.

your commitment

  • you will be on time and prepared for your training session and appointments
  • you will be open and honest with us in regards to your health and fitness routines, habits, diet, injury & illness
  • you will be willing and committed to completing agreed exercise plans and health choices
  • you will let us know immediately of any changed health conditions or any concerns you have about working together
  • you will be positive and respectful to the class trainer and fellow class participants at all times
  • you will take personal responsibility for getting the most out of training.

what to bring/wear

  • comfortable exercise clothes appropriate for the weather
  • joggers/sneakers or similar appropriate footware that are in good condition and shoelaces secure
  • we recommend you slip, slop, slap in summer, therefore wear a hat and sunscreen and appropriate top for your skin type (we sell Fun Fit Wellness cotton caps for $25 each)
  • water bottle
  • towel.

We supply any required equipment for classes.

Any questions please contact Fun Fit Wellness.


  • for weight loss, strength and cardio training it is important to develop a routine and therefore it is recommended you come along to a number of classes per week in order to reach your fitness and wellness goals.
  • we would love it if you therefore participate in regular classes each week. Ongoing bookings are not required, however if you are able to give us a courtesy notification of your attendance prior to the class, it would be greatly appreciated so we can manage numbers per class and notify you of any changes of meeting points and venues.
  • if your trainer is ill or not able to take your class, all participants will be contacted at the earliest convenience.

please note

Doggy Moves
  • for Doggy Moves classes bookings are required and a meet and greet with your dog prior is required
  • 24 hours notice is required for any Doggy Moves cancellations
  • refunds are NOT provided if you book a Doggy Moves class and do not show. This is due to the limited numbers and
  • demand for the classes
  • class packs are valid for Doggy Moves.
seniors fun
  • for indoor senior classes to continue to run weekly, a regular minimum number is required, as we have to arrange and pay for venues!
  • if this number is not regularly reached, indoor classes may be cancelled without notice
  • so we would love you to come along regularly – buy class packs and save and present your seniors card for a further 10% discount!