Doggy Moves

Doggy Moves is an exciting new exercise concept developed by Fun Fit Wellness – a first in Australia!!

Doggy Moves is an unique class for you and your best friend!!

You don’t have to leave your dog at home now when you wish to or need to exercise – come along to a specially designed exercise class created for you and your four legged friend.

Get you and your pooch moving with a combination of human and dog exercise moves, plus dog obedience training.

Doggy Moves classes are a fun social outdoor group exercise class. The classes run for an hour and involves exercise moves to get you and your fury friend moving plus with the added benefit of dog obedience training – saving you time and money!

All breeds and ages of dogs and humans welcome! (please see Doggy Moves notes below).
Save with class packs of 5 or 10!

Doggy Moves notes


  • all dogs must be on a lead or haltie therefore be in control by the owner, registered, have current vaccinations, have current flea and tick control and your dog must be sociable ie not aggressive.
  • dogs ideally will have some very basic training techniques therefore be able to walk forward on a lead, sit and know you are the pack leader! Don’t be to worried about the level your dog is at when it comes to dog obedience – that is what the classes are for!
  • dogs and owners can be any age!
  • please arrive 15 minutes prior to each ‘Doggy Moves’ class so I can meet you and your dog prior to the class and we have time to walk up to the class location.
  • all Doggy Moves classes start on time so please consider others and be on time, or you will miss your class!
  • please see exercise informaiton regarding information about bookings and cancelations.

human note

  • Please read exercise information for important health information and terms and conditions before you commence any class or personal training session.