Pet Wellness Tip – Dog Obedience Training Commands and Tips

Pet Wellness Tip – Dog Obedience Training Commands and Tips

Not sure where to start with dog obedience training with your dog? Here are some word commands and tips for dog obedience training to get you started training your dog! With repetition and training with these word commands, your dog will learn each one and what is required of them when you say it.

With all dog obedience training it needs to be a positive experience for your dog. They will then be interested, enjoy learning, and will be more likely to do as you ask.

Positive training is all about rewarding your dog. Use treats to reward your dog, a positive happy voice, positive body language and praise. A great reward is a food reward in small bits for example small bits of liver treats (even the fussy eaters love liver treats!). When your dog does a positive action with obedience training reward your dog with the treats for example your dog physically sits when you use the command ‘sit’, ensure you reward your dog with a treat, energetic voice and praise immediately. An extra reward can be used at the end of your training session like their favourite toy, so your dog associates all of the training as lots of fun and a very positive experience.

Do not reprimand your dog when training, with your voice or pulling at the lead or collar. The only time you do this is if your dog is displaying a very bad behaviour and you are teaching them what is a bad and good behaviour for example chasing cars – however with this kind of training you do need to know what you are doing or go to a dog trainer and they can work with you on correcting the bad behaviour and what you should do also. With the word commands below if your dog is not doing what you want just take your dog back to the beginning and start again, being happy and positive for your dog so they know it is ok and they are not in trouble. Dog obedience training can be and should be great fun for both you and your dog.

Training therefore practicing the below commands, should be undertaken a few times a week – training can be as short as 10 minutes to an hours full training. If your dog is loosing his or her attention or not willing, your dog may be feeling unwell or tired so do not force your dog. Try again when your dog is awake, happy and full of energy.

Different breeds of dogs do require different types of training. Some breeds are bred for different purposes and this is their natural instinct, so sometimes a lot of patience is required. Different breeds of dogs also learn at different levels for example a border collie will generally pick up the command the first go, where a staffy can require repetitive training.

Some word commands to get you started with basic dog obedience training with your dog:

  • Watch me / look
  • Sit
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Walk on
  • Stand
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Free / over
  • Take it
  • Bed
  • Toilet (if your dog comes inside your home, toilet training so your dog learns to toilet outside on command).


Want to learn more about how to teach your dogs the above commands? Just contact Fun Fit Wellness for Doggy Moves classes or for dog obedience training or visit my blog for more Pet Wellness information.