Pet Wellness Tip – Is Your Dog Behaving Badly?

Pet Wellness Tip – Is Your Dog Behaving Badly?

Is your dog barking, digging holes in your garden, pulling washing off the line, pulling their bed apart, eating outdoor furniture, chewing your favourite shoes?

Dogs not only need physical exercise, they also need mental exercise!

What is dog mental exercise you ask! It is pretty much like brain exercise for us! We do brain exercise when we work, study, or do puzzles, games, reading, you name it! Anything that stimulates our mind is mental exercise! For dogs they stimulate their minds a little differently but need it as much as we do!

I touched on dog mental exercise in my last Pet Wellness blog post about walk your dog somewhere new. When you walk or take your dog somewhere new it is stimulating all of their senses as there are new exciting smells and things to explore!

When your dog has their senses stimulated this generates brain activity and that is dog mental exercise!

There are many forms of mental exercise for your dog including as mentioned walking or taking your dog somewhere new, dog obedience training, playing games, teaching your dog tricks, and agility training.

With all of these mental exercises they also involve physical exercise so your dog is getting a full brain and body workout!

Different breeds of dogs learn at different levels and ability depending on the original purpose of their breed for example if they are a working breed, shepard breed, hunter breed, or companion breed.

Starting off with some basic dog obedience training that is a positive and rewarding experience for your dog is a great way to start with some mental exercise. As your dog learns you can progress your dog with teaching them tricks and even trying a variety of dog agility training. It is not only fun and social for dogs but fun and social for dog owners.

If you are not accessible to dog obedience training schools or clubs then make a point of taking your dog to a new place at least once a week, more if possible. This will provide an exciting adventure for your dog. Grab a friend with their dog and make it a fun outing for you too!

Come along and try one of my exciting new Doggy Moves or walking classes with your pooch for a different and challenging exercise class!

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