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12 time saving ideas for exercise

Saving time can help you achieve your fitness goals! With these 12 time saving ideas for exercise, you can now fit exercise into your life every day and be more organised.  1. Prepare meals in advance or have some back up left over meals in your freezer. Get the whole family involved in meal preparation and make it fun. 2. Do a weekly or fortnightly shop, not shop daily. This enables meal planning, and also can reduce the budget as you are not impulse buying. 3. Do your grocery shopping online and take advantage of free home delivery days. Also pre order your veggies through a bulk co-op/local farmers or online option, most of these options have home delivery also. 4. Give the children specific daily jobs at home. Then every one has their jobs to do each day making the jobs around the house shared and quicker, giving you all more time to do other things. 5. Make a family weekly roster. This then ensures everyone knows their house jobs each day and week, so no excuse of ‘I didn’t know’ arise and you are left doing all the jobs. 6. Make a weekly planner of everyone’s activities and movements and include meals on it too. 7. Organise your office space or paperwork, making it easier to get to the weekly or monthly paperwork tasks. 8. Do your banking and pay your bills online. Schedule a set time each week to do this or set it up as an automatic option with your online banking. 9. Use your phone or electronic device for reminders, saving you time worrying about... read more

20 Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Pet owners already know how much their furry friends improve their quality of life. Pets provide more than unconditional love they also provide a wellness boost. There are a number of proven pet ownership health benefits for people including mental and emotional related benefits from decrease in depression, stress and anxiety, enhance social skills; health related benefits of lower blood pressure, improve immunity, decrease risk of heart attack and stroke; and physical related benefits of increased activity. There is anecdotal and scientific evidence that shows pet owners tend to be healthier than the average person. Here is my list of 20 incredible health benefits of pet ownership. 1. Keep you active – dogs require daily exercise and are likely to beg for a walk or to play a game. Studies have shown people with dogs are more likely to participate in low to moderate physical activity than people without dogs. Dog ownership may promote a walking activity and motivate both the dog and the owner to go outside for some fresh air, however you are not going to experience these benefits if you are not willing to walk your dog in the first place. Your dog needs exercise so get out there and walk your dog daily and you both can reap the rewards. 2. Help socialise – pets are a great icebreaker to help you meet new people and be sociable. Pets provide a great means for improving your socialisation skills especially meeting and interacting with other pet owners. Though people sometimes may have a hard time getting to know each other, pets can be the common denominator... read more

10 Top Health and Fitness Apps

According to research conducted by The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), there are more than 8.5 million Australians using either a smartphone or tablet. This is a 104% increase compared to the study that was conducted 12 months prior. With these statistics there are even more apps now available for free or purchase and especially for health and fitness – how do you sort through the masses for the best ones? Well I was going to do some research and do up a list for everyone, however Fitness Australia who I am registered with and a member, has kindly done the hard work for us all! With the availability now of a range of clever apps, smartphones or tablets are a great way to assist you with your health and fitness goals. Here are Fitness Australia’s 10 top health and fitness apps: 1. Body Media Fit – BodyMedia FIT lets your client take fitness body-monitoring wherever they want to go. 2. Couch-to-5K – This app allows your client to log and share workouts, sync with playlists and track distance/pace with GPS. 3. Stopwatch – An app that allows you to time rest and interval periods in a simple way. 4. My Medical – My Medical is a comprehensive record-keeping app for personal medical information. 5. Monitor Your Weight – Monitor Your Weight allows your clients to set a plan based on their goal weight and track their progress, BMI and weekly loss. 6. Yoga Studio – Virtual yoga classes available on your smartphone/tablet! 7. RunKeeper – Get your clients to track their runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, and more using the GPS in their smartphone.... read more

Pet Wellness Tip – Is Your Dog Behaving Badly?

Is your dog barking, digging holes in your garden, pulling washing off the line, pulling their bed apart, eating outdoor furniture, chewing your favourite shoes? Dogs not only need physical exercise, they also need mental exercise! What is dog mental exercise you ask! It is pretty much like brain exercise for us! We do brain exercise when we work, study, or do puzzles, games, reading, you name it! Anything that stimulates our mind is mental exercise! For dogs they stimulate their minds a little differently but need it as much as we do! I touched on dog mental exercise in my last Pet Wellness blog post about walk your dog somewhere new. When you walk or take your dog somewhere new it is stimulating all of their senses as there are new exciting smells and things to explore! When your dog has their senses stimulated this generates brain activity and that is dog mental exercise! There are many forms of mental exercise for your dog including as mentioned walking or taking your dog somewhere new, dog obedience training, playing games, teaching your dog tricks, and agility training. With all of these mental exercises they also involve physical exercise so your dog is getting a full brain and body workout! Different breeds of dogs learn at different levels and ability depending on the original purpose of their breed for example if they are a working breed, shepard breed, hunter breed, or companion breed. Starting off with some basic dog obedience training that is a positive and rewarding experience for your dog is a great way to start with some mental... read more

Pet Wellness Tip – Dog Obedience Training Commands and Tips

Not sure where to start with dog obedience training with your dog? Here are some word commands and tips for dog obedience training to get you started training your dog! With repetition and training with these word commands, your dog will learn each one and what is required of them when you say it. With all dog obedience training it needs to be a positive experience for your dog. They will then be interested, enjoy learning, and will be more likely to do as you ask. Positive training is all about rewarding your dog. Use treats to reward your dog, a positive happy voice, positive body language and praise. A great reward is a food reward in small bits for example small bits of liver treats (even the fussy eaters love liver treats!). When your dog does a positive action with obedience training reward your dog with the treats for example your dog physically sits when you use the command ‘sit’, ensure you reward your dog with a treat, energetic voice and praise immediately. An extra reward can be used at the end of your training session like their favourite toy, so your dog associates all of the training as lots of fun and a very positive experience. Do not reprimand your dog when training, with your voice or pulling at the lead or collar. The only time you do this is if your dog is displaying a very bad behaviour and you are teaching them what is a bad and good behaviour for example chasing cars – however with this kind of training you do need to know... read more

Health Benefits of Strawberries

As well as growing up on a sheep property, we also had a large strawberry farm. So you could say I know a thing or two about strawberries! My father had quite a strawberry production and we had many local and international ladies working for us during the picking season, including myself when I got roped in. It was year long process of growing our delicious strawberries, with the success of one crop all dependent on uncertain weather conditions. Our strawberries were picked fresh, packed and sent on the train to the Sydney farmers markets in the early hours of the morning. I have fond memories of going to our little local train station with my father, the truck full with punnets of strawberries. Our strawberries were well known locally and were popular with tourists picking their own on the weekends. Strawberries are a very versatile fruit that can be eaten fresh whole, cut up fresh for fruit salads or desserts, stewed, cooked, to make jam, or frozen. Strawberries are packed full of flavor and healthy benefits. Strawberries are rich in the essential nutrients vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and fibre. One cup of fresh strawberries contains 160% of your daily needs for vitamin C. Nutritional breakdown of strawberries: Serving Size: 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries (166 grams)  Calories: 50 Protein: 1 gram Carbohydrates: 11.65 grams Dietary Fiber: 3.81 grams Calcium: 23.24 mg Iron: 0.63 mg Magnesium: 16.60 mg Phosphorus: 31.54 mg Potassium: 44.82 mg Selenium: 1.16 mg Vitamin C: 94.12 mg Folate: 29.38 mcg Vitamin A. Strawberries are a powerhouse of antioxidants which all have been shown to have... read more