Being kind to your dog or pet is healthy for you and your pet!

Being kind to your dog or pet is healthy for you and your pet!
Love your dog or pet!

Love your dog or pet!


Today I unfortunately saw something, which you see too often, that upset me and made me compelled to write this blog post.

I saw a girl in her early 20’s take her dog for a walk on the beach early in the morning. As great as it was that she was out exercising and exercising her dog – what I saw however was disappointing and plain cruel – I saw her kicking her dog as she walked her dog on a tight short lead – for what reason I am unsure. How awful for that dog and what a mean young girl.

Meanness, being nasty or cruel to a dog or pet will not change a dogs or animals behaviour. It is however a true reflection on a persons character.

There is no need to inflict cruel behaviour onto any animal let alone a dog that looks at you as his/her everything. Putting fear into a dog or pet is the worst thing anyone can do to an animal. Fear does not build trust, loyalty, respect or love. A dogs wellbeing and health is put in jeapody.

I have zero tolerance to any animal cruelty or treating any animal with such bad actions. Being kind to your dog or pet is healthy for you and your pet, as both of you reap the wonderful rewards!

Here are some kind loving tips:

1. Train your dog with positive obedience training techniques.

2. Training will teach you and your dog when training is training time and free time is free time – therefore if you take your dog for a walk on the beach don’t put your dog on a short tight lead – take your dog to an off leash area and let them off the leash for free time/play time. Train your dog in a park or in the backyard so they learn the difference between training time and free time.

3. Allocate daily play time with your dog for example balls, their favourite toys, games with other dogs, tumble, rope pulls etc.

4. Spend quality time with your dog – do not leave your dog locked up in a yard with a high fence all day and night. Your dog needs to get out as much as you do!

5. Walk your dog daily – take your dog for a walk every day twice is even better!

6. Feed your dog properly – do not give your dog human food, or food that dogs should not eat ie chocolate – do your research and purchase quality dog food that is nutritional and the correct quantity for the size of your dog.

7. Do not kick or hurt your dog in any way – this is not training or correcting behaviour, it is cruelty.

8. Reward your dog – give your dogs treats etc when your dog performs positive behaviour.

9. Keep your dog cool in summer, warm in winter – they feel the weather just like us!

10. Provide your dog with shelter, clean fresh water, and a comfortable bed at all times.

11. Groom your dog/look after his/her coat or get your dog regularly hydro bathed.

12. Include your dog into your family and activities – ie don’t ignore him/her.

13. Ensure your dog is safe if travelling in your car.

14. Be a responsible dog owner – walk your dog on a lead, be respectful to other dogs and owners, pick up your dog poo, obey local council rules to ensure others can enjoy the parks, beaches etc also.

15. Encourage your children to be part of your dog’s or pet’s life with positive behaviours.

16. Hug and love your dog, and they will love you back forever!