12 time saving ideas for exercise

12 time saving ideas for exercise

Saving time can help you achieve your fitness goals! With these 12 time saving ideas for exercise, you can now fit exercise into your life every day and be more organised. 

1. Prepare meals in advance or have some back up left over meals in your freezer. Get the whole family involved in meal preparation and make it fun.

2. Do a weekly or fortnightly shop, not shop daily. This enables meal planning, and also can reduce the budget as you are not impulse buying.

3. Do your grocery shopping online and take advantage of free home delivery days. Also pre order your veggies through a bulk co-op/local farmers or online option, most of these options have home delivery also.

4. Give the children specific daily jobs at home. Then every one has their jobs to do each day making the jobs around the house shared and quicker, giving you all more time to do other things.

5. Make a family weekly roster. This then ensures everyone knows their house jobs each day and week, so no excuse of ‘I didn’t know’ arise and you are left doing all the jobs.

6. Make a weekly planner of everyone’s activities and movements and include meals on it too.

7. Organise your office space or paperwork, making it easier to get to the weekly or monthly paperwork tasks.

8. Do your banking and pay your bills online. Schedule a set time each week to do this or set it up as an automatic option with your online banking.

9. Use your phone or electronic device for reminders, saving you time worrying about your appointments or having to reschedule them.

10. Book your exercise in like you do with other important appointments, making you more likely to get to your exercise class or session.

11. Allocate social media time and children’s technology access time. Online networking and technology can easily take over our lives, it is therefore essential to allocate time and perhaps reduce it to ensure quality family time and exercise is still an essential part of our lives too.

12. Allocate quality family time that involves exercise each week for example Sunday. Make it fun by doing up a list of activities and each week a family member gets to choose, therefore on rotation. Some local ideas including bike riding, going to the beach swimming and surfing, kayaking, paddling, hiking in the mountains or up a mountain, and a drive, picnic and bush walk.