10 Top Health and Fitness Apps

10 Top Health and Fitness Apps

According to research conducted by The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), there are more than 8.5 million Australians using either a smartphone or tablet. This is a 104% increase compared to the study that was conducted 12 months prior.

With these statistics there are even more apps now available for free or purchase and especially for health and fitness – how do you sort through the masses for the best ones?

Well I was going to do some research and do up a list for everyone, however Fitness Australia who I am registered with and a member, has kindly done the hard work for us all!

With the availability now of a range of clever apps, smartphones or tablets are a great way to assist you with your health and fitness goals.

Here are Fitness Australia’s 10 top health and fitness apps:

1. Body Media Fit BodyMedia FIT lets your client take fitness body-monitoring wherever they want to go.

2. Couch-to-5K This app allows your client to log and share workouts, sync with playlists and track distance/pace with GPS.

3. Stopwatch – An app that allows you to time rest and interval periods in a simple way.

4. My Medical – My Medical is a comprehensive record-keeping app for personal medical information.

5. Monitor Your Weight – Monitor Your Weight allows your clients to set a plan based on their goal weight and track their progress, BMI and weekly loss.

6. Yoga Studio – Virtual yoga classes available on your smartphone/tablet!

7. RunKeeper – Get your clients to track their runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, and more using the GPS in their smartphone.

8. NxtNutrio – This app gives specific information about each ingredient listed on the package, explains exactly what the ingredients are and how they can affect one’s health.

9. MyFitnessPal – MyFitnessPal allows your clients to set a daily calorie goal and record their daily food and exercise to ensure they’re staying on track.

10. Moves – Moves automatically records any walking, cycling, and running your clients do!


List and statistics research by Fitness Australia, April 2014.