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Being kind to your dog or pet is healthy for you and your pet!

  Today I unfortunately saw something, which you see too often, that upset me and made me compelled to write this blog post. I saw a girl in her early 20’s take her dog for a walk on the beach early in the morning. As great as it was that she was out exercising and exercising her dog – what I saw however was disappointing and plain cruel – I saw her kicking her dog as she walked her dog on a tight short lead – for what reason I am unsure. How awful for that dog and what a mean young girl. Meanness, being nasty or cruel to a dog or pet will not change a dogs or animals behaviour. It is however a true reflection on a persons character. There is no need to inflict cruel behaviour onto any animal let alone a dog that looks at you as his/her everything. Putting fear into a dog or pet is the worst thing anyone can do to an animal. Fear does not build trust, loyalty, respect or love. A dogs wellbeing and health is put in jeapody. I have zero tolerance to any animal cruelty or treating any animal with such bad actions. Being kind to your dog or pet is healthy for you and your pet, as both of you reap the wonderful rewards! Here are some kind loving tips: 1. Train your dog with positive obedience training techniques. 2. Training will teach you and your dog when training is training time and free time is free time – therefore if you take your dog for a walk on... read more

12 time saving ideas for exercise

  Saving time can help you achieve your fitness goals! With these 12 time saving ideas for exercise, you can now fit exercise into your life every day and be more organised.  1. Prepare meals in advance or have some back up left over meals in your freezer. Get the whole family involved in meal preparation and make it fun. 2. Do a weekly or fortnightly shop, not shop daily. This enables meal planning, and also can reduce the budget as you are not impulse buying. 3. Do your grocery shopping online and take advantage of free home delivery days. Also pre order your veggies through a bulk co-op/local farmers or online option, most of these options have home delivery also. 4. Give the children specific daily jobs at home. Then every one has their jobs to do each day making the jobs around the house shared and quicker, giving you all more time to do other things. 5. Make a family weekly roster. This then ensures everyone knows their house jobs each day and week, so no excuse of ‘I didn’t know’ arise and you are left doing all the jobs. 6. Make a weekly planner of everyone’s activities and movements and include meals on it too. 7. Organise your office space or paperwork, making it easier to get to the weekly or monthly paperwork tasks. 8. Do your banking and pay your bills online. Schedule a set time each week to do this or set it up as an automatic option with your online banking. 9. Use your phone or electronic device for reminders, saving you time worrying... read more

20 Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

  Pet owners already know how much their furry friends improve their quality of life. Pets provide more than unconditional love they also provide a wellness boost. There are a number of proven pet ownership health benefits for people including mental and emotional related benefits from decrease in depression, stress and anxiety, enhance social skills; health related benefits of lower blood pressure, improve immunity, decrease risk of heart attack and stroke; and physical related benefits of increased activity. There is anecdotal and scientific evidence that shows pet owners tend to be healthier than the average person. Here is my list of 20 incredible health benefits of pet ownership. 1. Keep you active – dogs require daily exercise and are likely to beg for a walk or to play a game. Studies have shown people with dogs are more likely to participate in low to moderate physical activity than people without dogs. Dog ownership may promote a walking activity and motivate both the dog and the owner to go outside for some fresh air, however you are not going to experience these benefits if you are not willing to walk your dog in the first place. Your dog needs exercise so get out there and walk your dog daily and you both can reap the rewards. 2. Help socialise – pets are a great icebreaker to help you meet new people and be sociable. Pets provide a great means for improving your socialisation skills especially meeting and interacting with other pet owners. Though people sometimes may have a hard time getting to know each other, pets can be the common... read more